1st Amendment Domain Revenue Recovery Services, Inc.

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Recover lost revenue from misdirected domain names, cybersquatters, and underutilized domains
with NO time contract and NO upfront costs.


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Over $6 Million in gross recovery sales for companies in 2010! Join us and get started now! Login or Register

Most advertisers with a successful domain recovery strategy utilize our services.

 Our unique, proprietary "AutoGrab" software process scans the domain registry every day for our client’s domain variations. When a domain becomes available, it is immediately purchased. No other domain recovery strategy even comes close to our highly successful method.

 Valuable traffic driving & sales converting variations of a domain name become available constantly. Quickly acquiring these domains as soon as they are available from a registrar and converting your lost traffic into sales is our forte. Additionally, when you no longer require our services we will transfer your sales generating names directly to your company on your timetable with no contractual time limits or hidden costs.

 Our strategy is simple yet powerful. Through our unique, highly efficient, automated domain acquisition process we:

  1) Acquire high quality, traffic generating, sales converting domain names that are driving a significant amount of lost traffic away from your online company portal

 2) Point them back to your domain.

 3) Recover your lost revenue.

 Unlike other domain recovery companies (who focus on attempts to acquire names regardless of quality through a lengthy, usually expensive & often ineffective formal process) we acquire domains in a fast, cost effective, practical manner with our unique "AutoGrab" software process. No other domain recovery strategy even comes close to our highly successful process. The "collection" attempt strategy other domain recovery companies utilize certainly has its place, but it will usually greatly reduce the actual number of quality sales generating domains you recover if our much more successful services are eliminated from your domain recovery strategy. We will be glad to rectify that.

 There are a myriad of variations of a domain name. Most companies cannot afford the time and expense of acquiring and maintaining all the profitable, traffic driving variations of their domain that are constantly becoming available on the open market. We take care of this quagmire for you.

 If you would like to join hundreds of very satisfied Advertisers and scoop up your lost domain revenue, then please email us at: admin@drrs.us


1st Amendment Domain Revenue Recovery Services, Inc.
Juneau, Alaska


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Customers rave about our services:

I like what I see at drrs.us, and I like your performance so far!

Douglas Cohen
Affiliates Manager

Mexicana Airlines

I have to say for an industry where I have come to expect the worst from people, this was about as impressive as it gets in terms of turnaround time and transparency.

Robert Glazer
Founder & Managing Director


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